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Ecz. Ali Fatih Türeli

Pharmaceutical Technologist and Product Development Consultant

He graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Pharmacy. After working in the Pharmaceutical Control Branch of the Refik Saydam Hygiene Institute between 1977 and 1985, he worked as the Quality Control and Quality Assurance Manager at the facility that produced Soyuyuce Sitam Large Volume Sterile Products between 1985 and 1988.
• He worked as İlsan-İltaş R&D specialist between 1988-1989.
• 1989 He served as Quality Control and Quality Assurance Manager at Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Turkey between 1993- Between 1997, he worked as Quality Control and Quality Assurance Manager at Mefar -Birgi İlaç.
• He served as a founding partner at Mikrogen Veterinary Vaccine production facility between 1997 -1999. He served as the Quality Assurance and R&D Manager at Toprak İlaç.
• He served as the director of the Quality Control, Quality Assurance and R&D departments at the Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceutical Factory between 2001 and 2007.
• 20 He has been working as an independent Pharmaceutical Technology, Education and R&D Consultant since 07.


Quality & Process Improvement and CMC Specialist, Consultant

Completing her primary education in Berlin/Germany, Gülcan Parlak continued her education in Turkey and completed the Department of German Chemistry Teaching at Hacettepe University. She was awarded a TÜBİTAK scholarship and completed her master’s degree at Ankara University, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry. In 2000, Hexal A.G. He started as a specialist in the stability laboratory of İlsan İltaş İlaç, which is a subsidiary of the company. She studied at Hexal A.G R&D Laboratory in Munich for 2 months. After 6 years of managerial experience here, he started to work as the Stability Manager at Abdi İbrahim İlaç ARGE in 2006. Subsequently, in 2017, he established the CMC and License Compliance department within Abdi İbrahim İlaç and managed it for 3 years. In the years 2020-2021, he continued his duty as Customer Products Quality Assurance Officer at Abdi İbrahim İlaç. He retired in 2021 and decided to continue his career as a consultant.

Vedat Eğilmez, Pharm

Pharmaceutical Technology Specialist,
MOH Relations, Relations with Public/Academia, and Biotechnology

He graduated from Gazi University Pharmacy Major. After completing his pharmacology residency at the Refik Saydam Institute of Public Hygiene in 1980, he was conferred the title of pharmacology specialist in 1984. In 1993, he started his career in the private sector as Assistant General Manager at Promed İlaç. In 1997, he joined Sanovel İlaç as consultant for the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and after 2000, he worked as Director for Business Development, Regulatory Affairs and Market Access, Medical and R&D, respectively at Abdi İbrahim. After retiring from Abdi İbrahim in 2015, he began his employment as Coordinator for Public and Academic Relations at the Union of Pharmaceutical Employers. In addition to his position at the union, he also served as a board member at the Association for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Pharmacy Education Programs (ECZAKDER) and İzmir Center for International Biomedicine and Genome (İBG).


Regulatory and Market Access Specialist, Consultant

After completing his high school education at Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School, he completed the Department of Chemical Engineering at Istanbul University. He started his career at Neutec Pharmaceuticals as a licensing specialist in 2010. After 5 years of licensing experience, he took over the market access department in 2015 and then managed this department for 7 years. After working in the licensing and market access departments for 12 years, she decided to continue her career as a consultant in this field.


Ankara Public Relations and Investment Director

He graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Business Administration in 2015. Between 2015 and 2021, Hashemi worked as a Bilateral Relations Specialist, Investment Specialist, and then Bilateral Relations and Investment Manager at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Jordan, respectively. He specializes in relations with official institutions in Ankara and in the field of investment and commercial agreements with Middle Eastern countries.